Wille Oporów

A NEW INVESTMENT, located in the south-western part of Wrocław, in the Fabryczna district at the Oporów estate.

Timeless simplicity of shape, large windows. Clear functional solutions for the interior and the materials used, including fumed colloidal silica plaster, wooden windows with increased acoustic isolation glazing. Roller shades or anti-burglar windows are aimed to provide full satisfaction in the individually tailored home and the comfort of life of future residents. The eastern side of the building overlooks an open area, whereas the western windows front on to the buildings’ gardens situated along Maleczyńskich street.

Each of the buildings will have an individual large garden from the western side and a separate front area from the east. The length of the garage driveway enables to park a large car. The entire area related to the house will be fenced. The entrance gate to the plot and the garage entrance gate will be controlled via a radio signal. The ground floor of each building has a vestibule, a garage connected with the residential part through the technical room, a bathroom, a storage area under the stairs, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a study.

The first floor features four bedrooms and a large bathroom. A terrace accessible from one of the rooms was designed above the garage. The third floor is a single-space usable attic. In total, every house will have 8 rooms located across two storeys: 6 bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. The construction of the building allows freedom in arranging the rooms. The buildings will have individual utility services connections and individual heat sources from condensing boilers with tanks which enable installation of solar systems. The daytime areas and the bathrooms will be equipped with floor heating, while all the other rooms will feature panel heaters. Each building will have the possibility for a fireplace and an installation which enables to mount air conditioning devices.

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Wille Oporów

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The history of this place is more than eight hundred years old. The first information about Oporów dates back to the beginning of the 13th century. Currently, it is one of the most desirable residential living areas in Wrocław. The area is attractive mainly thanks to the low floor area ratio, prevailing single family buildings, plenty of green areas, quiet, peaceful surroundings, good communication with the rest of the city as well as convenient access to shopping centres and the motorway exit. In 2013, the Municipality of Wrocław began the construction of a bridge on the Ślęza river which will join Aleja Piastów and Racławicka street. A tramway line is also planned with a termination loop near the bridge currently under construction. This investment is bound to bring Oporów even closer to the centre of Wrocław.


Description of the investment

This exceptional location will feature a unique investment: four residential buildings, detached houses arranged as terraced houses to combine four segments in total. The buildings will have three overground storeys, no basement and will be covered with a sloped roof with ceramic roof tiles. The third storey will be completed as a steep roof attic.

The provisions of the local spatial development plan enabled to design buildings resembling historical development of Oporów: ceramic roof engobe coated tiles in copper colour, warm earth-like colour of the facade, elements of guttering and flashing works in titanium zinc natural patina sheets with green pigment, elements made of green marble and mahogany windows, rusticated fencing with metal spans which directly reference the formal and the visual solutions of Oporów villas from the first half of the 20th century.

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